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 Detailed Guidelines to Roleplay

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Ryan Fitzmagic

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PostSubject: Detailed Guidelines to Roleplay   Mon May 23, 2016 1:41 pm

Generally if you already read the rules to the site located in the help section then you get the general idea of what's coming here, but you are still encouraged to check out these guidelines as they may ease your transition into this site.

●There will usually be a character sheet asking for your characters information on it. Common subjects on the sheet are age, species, name, and appearance, but there may be more or less based on host discretion.
●Being detailed in your posts is highly recommended, there's really no reason to post one liners as forum Roleplay doesn't move very fast.
●If you create a Roleplay, it is recommended you put detail into what the plot is. If the Roleplay you create doesn't have a plot it is subject to be shut down.
●Roleplays have no time limit and can only be ended by the host or a staff member (provided it breaks the rules). However, Forumotion may close the thread after 999 posts, if this happens feel free to make a second thread.
●No Godmodding/Powerplaying/Puppeting etc.
●No sexual content or illegal drugs
●Use common sense
●If you are hosting, be ready to answer any questions that aren't answered in your plot
●Being an asshole won't be ignored
●I'm a Pokemon fan so a lot of my OCs involve pokemon in some way, however, any type of OC within the rules provided is allowed,  but only post ORIGINAL CHARACTERS in the OC section. ((No one wants to hear your version of Sans' life story))

I hope to add an example rp by the end of the day, this rp will give the site some activity and also help those unfamiliar with this style of rp fit into it.

Ask any questions regarding roleplaying in general that you may have on this thread or the thread in the Help section
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Detailed Guidelines to Roleplay
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