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 The Gambler's House

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Ryan Fitzmagic

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PostSubject: The Gambler's House   Tue May 24, 2016 9:32 am

This is relatively simple, I'm going to post one event for each sport that will have one on Sunday, then place odds (Usually based off one of the following: W-L records, BR predictions, Vegas odds, etc.).

You can place a 100 point bet on each of the events that are listed in the week, if you bet with the favorite you will get 100 points for winning and -100 for losing. If you bet with the underdog, you will get 100 points along with whatever multiplier their odds provide if you win, and -100 points if you lose.

To place a bet, simply post who you are betting on in each category.

This week's events:

Major League Baseball - Philadelphia Phillies (1.16[Underdog]) @ Chicago Cubs (1)

Ryan Fitzmagic bets the Phillies (116 if win, -100 if loss)

Nascar - Coca Cola 600 (Prize: 500 if win, 250 if top 5, 50 if top 10, -100 if loss)

Ryan Fitzmagic bets Kevin Harvick


Also post any suggestions you may have.
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The Gambler's House
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