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 Rules of Resurgence Roleplaying Forum

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Ryan Fitzmagic

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PostSubject: Rules of Resurgence Roleplaying Forum   Sun May 22, 2016 9:07 pm

As you would expect there are rules to the room, most of the rules are basically on most rp sites and shouldn't be too different

1. No Godmodding

There's a very blurry line on what is considered Godmodding, so I'm going to draw the line with the following.

●Being immortal or practically impossible to kill or damage is Godmodding
●Forcing your hits to connect without opposing user's consent is Godmodding
●Dodging every attack is Godmodding
●Being Omnipotent is Godmodding
●Hosts of rps can draw further lines of what is considered Godmodding in their rps, if you don't like it don't join the rp.

2. No Powerplaying

Unlike Godmodding, Powerplaying is very clear, as it is when you control another user's character without their permission

3. No use of illegal substances

In compliance with Forumotion rules, illegal substances are banned from mention

4. No sexual content

In compliance with Forumotion rules, graphic sexual content is banned from mention.

5. No Spam/Shitpost

We don't need hundreds of pointless threads and you will be punished for Spam

6. Do not use Adblock

The ads on the site keep it running efficiently, therefore you are asked not to use any adblocking material

Reply in this topic with any questions you may have
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Rules of Resurgence Roleplaying Forum
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