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 Original Characters Rules

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Ryan Fitzmagic

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PostSubject: Original Characters Rules   Tue May 24, 2016 12:02 pm

There aren't too many rules to the OC section, but there are some important ones.

●Rules applied by Forumotion still apply here, meaning no use illegal substances (mention of their usage in a characters history is OK, but it cannot be a detailed description or have an entire back story focused on it) or graphic sexual content in your OCs.

●Constructive criticism should be the only criticism. Any posts that only contain blatant insults will be removed and the user warned. Posting compliments doesn't need to be detailed, however detail shows you really looked into it.

●When you post on this section, be prepared for any criticism or even insults that may come your way. We can't see blatant insults before they are posted so there's a chance you might see it before it us removed by staff.

●And, as always, common sense is key.

Post any suggestions or questions regarding the OC section here.
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Original Characters Rules
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